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bug#33854: StumpWM build failing.

From: Royce Strange
Subject: bug#33854: StumpWM build failing.
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2020 23:13:36 -0500


Brett Gilio said that with
commit 804b9b18ac9188ffb6c6891cbb9241c6a80ed7c8
made by Ludovic Court├Ęs he was able to build the stumpwm package again.

stumpwm seems to still build on the build farm.

I am also able to build locally right now as well:
$ guix --version
guix (GNU Guix) 2971ed57345ee4e00058efeaf27c6a0790fdc9dd

$ guix build stumpwm --no-substitutes

Going to go ahead and close.
(note: if there are concerns about sbcl/stumpwm 
 reproducibility, it is most likely due
 to clisp reproducibility issues. 
 bug#25314 is about that)

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