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bug#36394: guix.gnu.org/packages lists incorrect sqlite versions

From: Royce Strange
Subject: bug#36394: guix.gnu.org/packages lists incorrect sqlite versions
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2020 01:07:40 -0500

Tobias Geerinckx-Rice <me@tobias.gr> writes:

> Guix,
> The package list at <https://guix.gnu.org/packages/S/page/4/> displays
> the wrong versions for sqlite:
>  sqlite 3.26.0
>  sqlite 3.26.0
>  sqlite-with-column-metadata 3.26.0
> Which should be:
>  $ guix pull && guix package -A ^sqlite
>  sqlite       3.26.0  …
>  sqlite       3.24.0  …
>  sqlite-with-column-metadata  3.24.0  …

It looks like the duplicates happen to replaced packages:
(see gnutls, as sqlite is one package now)

Narrowed it down to the code that generates the packages list 
for the website in the guix-artwork repo.

It looks like the original intent was to filter out replaced packages,
instead of keeping them in the list (which is what guix search does).
This will affect https://guix.gnu.org/packages.json which I believe feeds
guix package information in repology.

Attached is a patch to filter out the replaced packages.
If it is more appropriate for the website to be consistent with 
guix search and keep replaced packages in the list, 
I can submit an updated patch.

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