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bug#42076: SSL_CERT_* variables and GVFS (and probably more) are not ini

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: bug#42076: SSL_CERT_* variables and GVFS (and probably more) are not initialized if you don't use GDM
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2020 11:53:01 +0200


Thanks for the bug report. How are these two things related? Did GVFS start working when you fixed your certs? Is GVFS failing because of other unset search paths? They should be tracked as separate bug #s otherwise.

It's not true that ‘SSL_CERT_* variables are not initialized if you don't use GDM’: they're initialised if a package declares a native-search-path requirement on them, and another package in the same profile provides matching files.

How were you failing to ‘download things’, ‘access the web’? How did you fix it?

I see that wget doesn't declare any search-paths. That's odd (bug?) but I don't use it.

I prefer curl, which does declare SSL_CERT_* search-paths: installing it will set SSL_CERT_{DIR,FILE} in the profile as long as there are (nss-)certs in that same profile to point at.

git, on the other hand, doesn't use SSL_CERT_*, but GIT_SSL_CAINFO. Here too, users don't need to care about the variable(s) because Guix sets them up as soon as certs are installed alongside.

If you install the (nss-)certs to a different profile than all SSL_CERT_* consumers, this won't happen. An ugly hack-around would be to add native-seach-paths entries to the providing packages which would unconditionally set them. I'm not convinced this case is worth supporting.

I've not used GVFS & can't say anything sensible about it.

Kind regards,


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