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bug#42423: icedtea: JAVA_HOME

From: Michael Rohleder
Subject: bug#42423: icedtea: JAVA_HOME
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 13:49:44 +0200
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Hi Christopher,

Christopher Howard <christopher.howard@qlfiles.net> writes:
> Hi, I'm not going to pretend to be a Java expert, but I was trying to
> build and run a Java application, and had to set JAVA_HOME manually. It
> is my understanding from my research[1] that applications often will
> want JAVA_HOME set to the path to the java install directory. It would
> seem like it would be useful if Guix set that as well for the icedtea
> and icedtea:jdk package.
> If there are good reasons for that not to be, perhaps more
> knowledgeable individuals will explain it.
> One part I'm not quite sure about is what JAVA_HOME would be set to if
> both icedtea and icedtea:jdk were installed.

I dont think this is a good idea (or even possible?):

From a Developer POV I think its pretty common to have many jdk's installed
(8,11,14 sometimes even 7). To what should JAVA_HOME be set/defaults in this

I dont know a distribution which sets JAVA_HOME (per default) and I
think its much better to let the user or sysadmin decide which one is

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