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bug#42794: make check fails test "tests/packages.scm fold-available-pack

From: jbranso
Subject: bug#42794: make check fails test "tests/packages.scm fold-available-packages with/without cache"
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2020 10:07:18 +0000


My recent make check failed the tests/packages.scm
"fold-available-packages with/without cache".

After janneke confirmed that his recent make checked failed the same
test, he encouraged me to submit this bug.

He also showed me how to make a shorter test-suite.log file via
make check TESTS='tests/packages.scm', which is what I'm attaching.

Still the whole test-suite.log file is super long, so here's the main
gist that you ought to see:

test-name: fold-available-packages with/without cache
location: /home/joshua/prog/gnu/guix/guix-src/tests/packages.scm:1309
+ (test-assert
+ "fold-available-packages with/without cache"
+ (let ()
+ (define no-cache
+ (fold-available-packages
+ (lambda* (name version result #:rest rest)
+ (cons (cons* name version rest) result))
+ '()))
+ (define from-cache
+ (call-with-temporary-directory
+ (lambda (cache)
+ (generate-package-cache cache)
+ (mock ((guix describe) current-profile (const cache))
+ (mock ((gnu packages)
+ cache-is-authoritative?
+ (const #t))
+ (fold-available-packages
+ (lambda* (name version result #:rest rest)
+ (cons (cons* name version rest) result))
+ '()))))))
+ (and (equal?
+ (delete-duplicates from-cache)
+ from-cache)
+ (lset= equal? no-cache from-cache))))
actual-value: #f
result: FAIL



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