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bug#43132: [GUIX SYSTEM]: Malfunction

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: bug#43132: [GUIX SYSTEM]: Malfunction
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 08:07:45 -0400
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No, it's supposed to be like that. /gnu/store is mounted read-only (on the guix system) to prevent you from writing to it. The guix daemon has write access to the store when it wants to add a new item, or garbage collect.

Le 31 août 2020 07:11:13 GMT-04:00, Giovanni Biscuolo <g@xelera.eu> a écrit :
Hello Raghav

when forwarding the output of commands next time, plz beware your MUS
does not reformat the relevant :-)

This seems as a system issue on your side, not a Guix bug

Raghav Gururajan <raghavgururajan@disroot.org> writes:

It seems connected to a filesystem issue: can you also tell us what's
the output of "mount"?


w on / type btrfs


/dev/mapper/secondary on /gnu/store type btrfs

I see two problems here:

1. the btrfs volume /dev/mapper/secondary seems mounted twice, and with
the same subvolume; I never tryed to mount the same btrfs volume on two
different mountpoints: is this the reason your /gnu/store is read-only?

2. /gnu/store is mounted read-only, that's why you get the errors

Please can you try removing the mounting of /gnu/store from your
filesystem configuration (or fstab if on a foreign distro)?


HTH! Gio'

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