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bug#43078: linux-libre-arm64-generic lacks CONFIG_CGROUP_FREEZER=y

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: bug#43078: linux-libre-arm64-generic lacks CONFIG_CGROUP_FREEZER=y
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2020 15:47:05 -0700

On 2020-08-27, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> On 2020-08-28, Vitaliy Shatrov wrote:
>>    1. had linux-libre-arm64-generic as my kernel.
>>    2. added only (elogind-service-type) to my Guix System's config.
>>    3. ran `guix system reconfigure`.
>>    4. get some errors: "///sys/something/freezer cannot be something".
>>    5. rebooted, and were unable to log-in (get no prompt).
>> The issue was solved by using the same linux-libre-arm64-generic, but
>> customized: i set a 'CONFIG_CGROUP_FREEZER=y' in kconfig.
>> As this is only one config related to logind that not enabled, i want us
>> to have it enabled by default on linux-libre-arm64-generic, or as Vagrant
>> wrote on IRC, "added to gnu/packages/linux.scm: 
>> %default-extra-linux-options".
> Given that this is present in all the "linux-libre" packages
> (e.g. without arm-generic or arm64-generic ...), I think it makes sense
> to add this to %default-extra-linux-options.
> *Untested* patch attached.

Tested and added some more kernel options needed for
linux-libre-arm-generic on armhf as well.

Pushed a fix as 450dcd1aff741c4f81cc9508ce33f19e62edefb7.

Thanks for reporting the issue!

live well,

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