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bug#43228: r-v8 doesn't build since node 10.22 update

From: Pierre Langlois
Subject: bug#43228: r-v8 doesn't build since node 10.22 update
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2020 18:44:52 +0100
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Hello Guix!

I'm afraid I broke r-v8 and a few of its dependants by updating node,
sorry about that!

AFAIK, the new node uses a function from nghttp2 1.41 that's not present
in 1.40, `nghttp2_option_set_max_settings'. However, since curl depends
on nghttp2 we've grafted 1.40 -> 1.41 to avoid a full rebuild.

Looking at r-v8's log [0], it complains that the symbol is missing,
indicating it's trying to link with the old version 1.40. I /believe/
it's inherited it through r-curl.

I'm not sure how to fix this, I'm happy to revert the node update if
needed, let me know! Then we'd have to wait for the next core-updates
cycle so that we no longer graft nghttp2.

Unless somebody has a better idea?


[0]: https://ci.guix.gnu.org/log/62nkhf9dnlzgw3dz9khd79khqdpaib79-r-v8-3.2.0

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