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bug#43238: `guix system build -n` to be more informative (builds/substit

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: bug#43238: `guix system build -n` to be more informative (builds/substitutes)
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2020 12:43:25 +0200
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Vitaliy Shatrov <guix.vits@disroot.org> writes:

> Hello Guix.
> I did:
> `guix system build -n config.scm`
> I get a message, something like:
> "3 packages (guix, modules, and ?) would be downloaded."
> I ran `sudo guix system build config.scm`.  Guix told me it will build
> the linux kernel.  It was unexpected.

Are these the same “guix” programs?  “sudo guix” probably gives you the
root user’s “guix”, whereas just “guix” will give you the current user’s

That’s why we recommend “sudo -E guix” or similar.


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