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bug#43291: ntp or nptd services on aarch64

From: Vtly Shtrv
Subject: bug#43291: ntp or nptd services on aarch64
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 2020 18:35:34 +0700

Hello Guixen.
>From the Guix System (aarch64) powering a RockPro64 SBC.

What's broken:  ntp-service-type
How it's broken:
ntp-service-type segfaults (Mike seen).
chrony segfaults:
`guix describe`   --->   guix 81ea278
`cat /home/vits/tmp/c   --->   pool pool.ntp.org iburst`
`sudo chronyd -d -u vits -f /home/vits/tmp/c   --->   Segmentation fault`

The `chronyd` works if used with -Q flag (".. it only prints the offset
without making any corrections of the clock and it allows chronyd to be
started without root privileges").

What's glitchy: openntpd-service-type

How it's glitch:
The dhcp-client-service-type + openntpd-service-type = not updated time
(easy to note since RockPro64's time is 2013 year after every reboot).

The openntpd-service-type works with static-networking-service-type.
It also sets the time correctly if `sudo herd restart ntpd` after boot.
Tested with (allow-large-adjustment #t).

Thank You Mike for the work-around with a static-networking.

Thanks for attention, Vitaliy.

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