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bug#43277: emacs-next is broke, "seq" missing

From: Pierre Langlois
Subject: bug#43277: emacs-next is broke, "seq" missing
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2020 21:09:41 +0100
User-agent: mu4e 1.4.13; emacs 27.1

Hi Martin,

Sorry this not working for you :-/

Martin Becze writes:

> emacs-next recently broke. It now has this error on start up.
> "require: Cannot open load file: No such file or directory, seq"
> I think this must have happened relatively recently (with the last 3
> weeks) since it was working fine earlier.

I submitted a patch a few weeks ago that entirely removed the seq
package from guix, it's included in emacs itself so it shouldn't be
needed anymore, and actually, installing it along with emacs27 causes
stack overflows.

Testing emacs-next, I can see that seq.el is included as well:

    $ ls $(guix build emacs-next)/share/emacs/28.0.50/lisp/emacs-lisp/seq.el.gz

Then inside a clean environment it's able to (require 'seq):

    $ guix environment --ad-hoc emacs-next -- emacs -Q --eval "(require 'seq)"

Using the -Q flag to make sure it's not loading any config.

Can you share some of your emacs config and how you're installing emacs
packages? I assume they're not installed with guix, unless there's a way
to replace each package's input with emacs-next automatically.



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