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bug#43232: [PATCH 2/2] gnu: jack2: 'declare-for-int phase no longer requ

From: Mike Rosset
Subject: bug#43232: [PATCH 2/2] gnu: jack2: 'declare-for-int phase no longer required.
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 01:37:05 -0700
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Andreas Enge <andreas@enge.fr> writes:

> Hello Mike,
> On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 12:48:02AM -0700, Mike Rosset wrote:
>> * gnu/packages/audio.scm (jack2): remove 'declare-for-int phase.
>> [arguements]: phases 'declare-for-int has been removed. since package now
>> builds.
> I am getting a bit lost; it looks like this patch has to be applied on top
> of your previous one. But since the previous one is not in master yet, there
> will be no point in pushing one patch, then another one that partially
> reverts the first one.
> Could you please just post a new patch with the one modification you propose,
> to be applied on master?
> Thanks,
> Andreas

Apologies, I just wanted to keep a series for posterity which normally
I'm terrible at. I should have mentioned you could just squash them.

I emailed a new first in series that squashed and improved the commit

Hope that helps.


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