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bug#49600: [core-updates] gcc-11 fails to cross-compile from x86_64-linu

From: Thiago Jung Bauermann
Subject: bug#49600: [core-updates] gcc-11 fails to cross-compile from x86_64-linux
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2021 21:20:49 -0300


There were several commits added to GCC’s ‘releases/gcc-11’ branch since 
the 11.1.0 release, so I wanted to check whether this problem was fixed by 
any of them.

I applied the patch containing those commits to the gcc-11 package, 
obtained by running the following on a git checkout of the GCC repo:

$ git diff releases/gcc-11.1.0..origin/releases/gcc-11 \
        > gcc-11-branch-update.patch

At the time, origin/releases/gcc-11 was:

419201f566bb libstdc++: Use function object for __decay_copy helper

Unfortunately it didn’t make a difference.


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