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bug#49233: gmnisrv: missing mime.types

From: Sarah Morgensen
Subject: bug#49233: gmnisrv: missing mime.types
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 01:14:39 -0700


Christopher Howard <christopher@librehacker.com> writes:

> Hi, I am trying to use the gmnisrv service as described in the Guix
> manual, using the default configuration:
>  (services
>   (append
>    (list (service gmnisrv-service-type)
>        (service openssh-service-type)
>        (service network-manager-service-type)
>        (service wpa-supplicant-service-type))
>    %base-services))
> However, gmnisrv keeps dying with this error:
> gmnisrv: src/mime.c:37: mime_init: Assertion `0' failed.
> Unable to open MIME database for reading: No such file or directory
> Is /etc/mime.types installed?
> Is the gmnisrv package or service missing a dependency that is supposed to 
> provide the mime.types file, or am I supposed to copy one from somewhere?

It turns out that the gmnisrv package was misconfigured so that it was
necessary to have /etc/mime.types present. I've submitted a patch at


to fix that (as well as not looking for /etc/gmnisrv.conf if present) if
you would like to test it before it makes it into master.

> My system information:
> christopher@galadriel ~$ neofetch --stdout
> christopher@galadriel 
> --------------------- 
> OS: Guix System b36267b1d96ac344d2b42c9822ce04b4c3117f85 x86_64 
> Host: OptiPlex 7010 01 
> Kernel: 5.12.13-gnu 
> Uptime: 24 mins 
> Packages: 51 (guix-system), 35 (guix-user) 
> Shell: bash 5.0.16 
> Terminal: /dev/pts/0 
> CPU: Intel i5-3570 (4) @ 3.800GHz 
> GPU: Intel HD Graphics 
> Memory: 93MiB / 15929MiB 


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