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bug#49904: python-pip package in the Guix repo

From: joanlanun
Subject: bug#49904: python-pip package in the Guix repo
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2021 22:55:02 +0000


Given the GNU FSDG, and more specifically the requirement that "nor should the distribution refer to third-party repositories that are not committed to only including free software", and given that the python-pip package [1] allows the user to browse and install from a repository which includes non-free packages [2], should that package not be dropped from the Guix repository? Or is its mere presence in the Guix repository not considered as "referring to" a third-party repository?

[1] http://guix.gnu.org/en/packages/python-pip-20.2.4
[2] see for instance https://pypi.org/search/?c=License+::+Other/Proprietary+License

Joan <joanlanun@disroot.org>

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