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bug#50108: about guix install and guix profile

From: Rémy Dernat
Subject: bug#50108: about guix install and guix profile
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 12:37:30 +0200
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I have a cluster installation of Guix. It works pretty well on our clusters.

However, I am having issues while trying to export /gnu and /var/guix on other machines. Indeed, it seems that "guix install" is looking for username in order to search guix profile. This looks a bit odd to me, as users may differ between environments. Of course, you may say to install another guix server elsewhere, but that is not my point.

I have LDAP pam authentication most of the time, but some machine are not connected to my LDAP servers, for some X reasons.

Something more reliable would be to check UID, or EUID instead of username to check the corresponding profile (that is more easy for me to assign a new UID to an existing username (eg: John has UID 1010 on the cluster and 1001 on another machine; that is something I can change easily on the machine, but not its username)).

What do you think ?

Best regards,

Rémy Dernat
Chef de projet SI

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