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Re: [Bug-gv] error opening files on other directories

From: jemarch
Subject: Re: [Bug-gv] error opening files on other directories
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 14:22:52 +0100

    %%CreationDate: (D:20041115132700)
    %%DocumentMedia: y841.89x595.276 595.276 841.89 70 white ()
    %%Pages: 1
    /Page null def
    /Page# 0 def
    /PDFSave null def
    /DSCPageCount 0 def
    /DoPDFPage {dup /Page# exch store pdfgetpage pdfshowpage } def
    GS_PDF_ProcSet begin
    pdfdict begin
    (small2e.pdf) (r) file { DELAYSAFER { .setsafe } if } stopped pop
     pdfopen begin
    %%Page: 1 1
    %%PageMedia: y841.89x595.276
    1 DoPDFPage
    currentdict pdfclose
    So it is actually a pdf2dsc.ps bug... since its outpus is no more
    executable in safe mode by GPL gs 8.15

Anyway, note that pdf2dsc sets .setsafe if the interpreter was started
using -DDELAYSAFER instead of -DSAFE

So this is the solution: start the whole interpreter with -DDELAYSAFER
rather than with -DSAFE

DELAYSAFER is new with GPL gs 8 versions.

I find this solution ideal.

Do you agree with this solution?


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