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[Bug-gv] gv GUI

From: jemarch
Subject: [Bug-gv] gv GUI
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 14:30:59 +0100

I would like to get some feedback from all of you about the gv
graphical user interface.

I find the actual graphic interface comfortable, but its use of Xaw3d
(little more than a bunch of xlib widgets designed for teaching
purposes) greatly limits the scalability of the tool.

Examples of such limitations: suppose we want to implement a tree-view
of a PDF document (a very nice feature). We should get one of two
options: a) To use the Xaw3d `table' widget to "simulate" the
appearance of the tree (Xaw3d do not provide any tree widget) or b) To
write a native xlib widget for drawing trees. Where (a) is ugly (b) is
embarrassing and time-consuming. Another problem comes to mind when
thinking about the application menus: Xaw3d do not support the notion
of a `submenu'.

So i think we should decide now the future of gv graphical user

- Should we change the widget toolkit used by gv? 

- Should we provide support for more than one toolkit?

- Ok, more toolkits but... which toolkit (tk, gtk+, ...)? 

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