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[bug-gv] Preparing to release 3.6.1

From: jemarch
Subject: [bug-gv] Preparing to release 3.6.1
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 23:49:58 +0100


CVS gv is currently up-to-date with Debian and Gentoo gv (same
capabilities). Worst bugs on 3.6.0 (such as the horrid situation with
command line arguments) has been fixed.

I think it is time to make a bugfix release, 3.6.1. But i think it is
desirable to test the whole thing during this week.

So i uploaded gv-3.6.1.tar.gz to ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/gv/

Please, it is important to test the tool before the actual release. I
will try to extensively test the program, but any help on the task
would be very useful.

The planned date for the release is Friday 24.

José E. Marchesi <address@hidden>

GNU No es Unix!                  http://www.gnu.org
GNU España                       http://es.gnu.org

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