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[bug-gv] bug in gv: scrolling page numbers left of window

From: Jean-Pierre Vial
Subject: [bug-gv] bug in gv: scrolling page numbers left of window
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 16:01:49 -0000
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bugged versions: 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 ;the older version 3.5.8 is OK

built on linux (Suse 10.1 for  AMD64), gcc 4.2, KDE window manager.

The vertical scrolling list of page numbers on the left of the window
is OK at programm start, but gets clobbered as soon a the mouse cursor
enters it:
when the cursor is on a page number, the number is re-written
highlighted, but in a slightly wrong place (too high); the offset
accumulates each time the cursor moves, so when one goes from bottom to
top, there is an error of several lines when the number is re-written,
making the column completly useless.
If one tries a bit more, the numbers are no longer re-written,
presumably because the offset is so great that re-writting would occur
outside of the window.
The bug exists also when one moves from top to bottom, but it does not
accumulate as much.
The result is even stranger when one moves the cursor along the column
for a few lines, then out of the column, the re-enter the column
several lines higher or lower.

Jean-Pierre Vial

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