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[bug-gv] Problem with viewing 2-up postscript file

From: Gunnar Lindholm
Subject: [bug-gv] Problem with viewing 2-up postscript file
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 09:29:53 +0100
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I have with LyX and pdflatex created a postscript file that shows perfectly in 
latex, but when I transform the file into a 2-up postscriptfile with the 

psnup -2 myfile.ps  myfile2.ps

I can open the file myfile2.ps with gv but it only shows the first 18 pages 
(pages 0,1  2,3  4,5   6,7   8,9  .... 34,35) in the "page selection box". 
The document has a total of 435 pages and psnup creates a 218 pages document.
I can select any of these first 

psselect -p1-100  myfile2.ps

and it selects  100 pages so the ps file is working fine, I think.

But now the strange thing: if I press "page down", I walk down the page 
selection box and selects the pages one after the other, until I reach the 
final page. (34,35) Then can go no further down. But wait! If I then press 
the "page up" key I continue to the page 36,37! And pressing page up more I 
continue to next pages, When I get to the top in the page selection box it 
says that it shows the page (0,1) but in reality it really shows page 
(69,70). Then I can press pagedown again to continue into the file. and then 
at the bottom of the page selection box, I can start moving up, and so on. 
back and forth, I will finaly reach the end of the file.

Unfortunatly I'm not allowed to send you the postscript file for inspection, 
but I will happily help you debugg it remotly if that is possible. Otherwise 
I will try to recreate the situation with another file.

Very strange.

Any ideas on this problem?


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