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[bug-gv] gv & resource file in ubuntu feisty fox

From: Bill Mills-Curran
Subject: [bug-gv] gv & resource file in ubuntu feisty fox
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 08:56:33 -0400
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I've searched and have not found the answer to this issue.

gv in the Ubuntu feisty fox distro does not seem to observe the
resource file.  In particular the auto-refresh and reverse scroll do
not work.

My resource file is ~/.gv and contains:

GV.reverseScrolling:      TRUE
GV.watchFile:             TRUE
GV.autoResize:            FALSE

This did work on Red Hat FC4, but the same file does not work in

Am I doing something wrong or have I found a bug?

Bill Mills-Curran

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