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[bug-gv] File Name in Window Name

From: Bob Nnamtrop
Subject: [bug-gv] File Name in Window Name
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 15:56:59 -0600

I'm using gv 3.6.3 installed via MacPorts on Mac OS X 10.5.3.  Overall it is working very well but I notice that the file name that is being visited is not listed anywhere on the GUI.  In fact, I cannot find any way to find out what file is being visited from the gv window.  I often open many PS files at once to compare them and this quickly gets unwieldy.  It would be great if the the file name was listed in the title bar of the window or the 2nd to last entry of the toolbar before the date (not sure what to call it).  Presently both these locations say "Graphics produced by IDL".  IDL is the program I use to produce the PS files and this phrase is indeed the title given inside the PS file.  But since it is the same for ALL of my IDL produced PS files it is of little use.

Is there any way the file name being visited could be displayed in the window title bar (preferable) or in the title area of the gv toolbar?


ps I apologize if this gets posted twice, I tried to post it via Nabble first and then subscribed since that didn't seem to work.

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