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[bug-gv] how to add a convenient combination of keys

From: Daneel Yaitskov
Subject: [bug-gv] how to add a convenient combination of keys
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 19:25:41 +0400

Dear sirs,

Gv has been created for reading documentation and the
articles. Usually an user reads a document consequently. Therefore,
when he reach the end of a page he must call such command to go to
the top of the next page. I havn't found such command or key
combination. All Gv's commands which move to another page save an
offset relatively the start of a page. 

I would like to add that feature. I have scaned the gv source and
have found "gv_misc_res.dat" file. It has the table of the key
translation. Changes in this file don't change gv's behaviour. After
it changes I do following commands:
$cd gv-3.6.2
$make install

Daneel Yaitskov

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