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Re: [bug-gv] [bug #24069] Table of Contents not displayed for large docu

From: Markus Steinborn
Subject: Re: [bug-gv] [bug #24069] Table of Contents not displayed for large documents
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2009 21:08:42 +0100
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Bernhard R. Link wrote:
Testing the File dialog, I sometimes got some hangs and gdb always threw
me in some code that looks like O(n^2) where O(n) should be easily
Thanks for this patch. I've apllied it.
The File dialog seems to also need some fine-tuning:

- the scrolling when dragging the window is reversed:
  (when the mouse moves down one, the content scrolls up
   and not down as it did before (though as it is limited
   to whole-item scrolling now it is of course never as
   nice as before)):
Thanks for this patch. I've apllied it, too.
- something in the height computation is flawed. In the font size I have
  here, the last item in the list is only visible by some pixel, but
  seems to be treated as visible.
With some window sizes, the same effect can be observed with the page window.
 Which means that scrolling by clicking
  in the scroll bar lets the new list start after the no-really-visible
  item (thus effectively hiding every 10th item here.
Well, let's try scrolling one item less than the old calculation should do, but at least one element... Patch for this is checked in.
 And that scrolling
  to the very end of the list does not shows the very last item (but
  only a few pixel rows not containing a single black pixel)
Here again the same is true for the page panel (if you are not using the arrow to scroll down). That is because the percent value does not reach 1 (i. e. 100%). This means that scaling it to a position will not reach the end. With very long file lists (tested with 4001 items) several items are not reachable by the scroll bar. I do not know Xaw good enough to calculate the largest possible percentage in order to rescale the values... I am trying with debug outputs... May help or not...

I have found another bug. Sometimes the wrong list has been used. The fix may fix your occasional crashes.

A happy new year

Markus Steinborn

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