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[bug-gv] Re: Bug#583316: /usr/bin/gv: Insecure gs workaround "gs -P-"

From: paul . szabo
Subject: [bug-gv] Re: Bug#583316: /usr/bin/gv: Insecure gs workaround "gs -P-"
Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 20:25:38 +1000

Markus Steinborn <address@hidden> wrote:

> PS: If using a wrapper for calling "gs", make sure that "-P-" is added 
> to the beginning of the parameters, not at the end. That may be a cause 
> why GNU gv does not work with a wrapper.

Yes that is what I do:

#!/usr/bin/perl --
$c = $0;
$c =~ s/.*\///;
exec "/usr/bin/$c", '-P-', '-dSAFER', @ARGV;

and my testing suggested it breaks gv.

Cheers, Paul

Paul Szabo   address@hidden   http://www.maths.usyd.edu.au/u/psz/
School of Mathematics and Statistics   University of Sydney    Australia

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