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[bug-gv] lpr error

From: Alex Theotokatos
Subject: [bug-gv] lpr error
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2016 18:53:24 +0200
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I'm sorry if this bug is already discussed (I cannot find it at lists).

When I open a file (eg. DeiKalamarias.pdf), gv creates a file named 'gv_DeiKalamarias_pdf.aRthew' at /tmp folder. Now, when I try to print the document, I set the 'print command' to 'lpr', but I get an error:
"Printing via 'lpr /tmp/gv_DeiKalamarias_ps.nSAyov' failed."
And that's why this file doesn't exist to /tmp folder.

Is there another way to print?

Thank you.

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