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[bug-gv] Document that the ENTER key is what most users probably want

From: 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson
Subject: [bug-gv] Document that the ENTER key is what most users probably want
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 12:02:12 +0800

At the top of
(info "(gv) Navigating") and
(info "(gv) Scrolling")
say "To just read a document like you would in Firefox or
Chromium/Chrome, just hit ENTER ENTER ENTER...".

Our story begins. The user intends to sit back in his easy chair, and
with one finger, not clasping some mouse, browse through a document.

He choses gv, because unlike Firefox or Chromium, it still runs without
overheating his modest computer.

He does
$ gv document.pdf
and leans back and with his one finger, tap, tap, tap, on the
spacebar, he intends to pleasantly scroll through a PDF document.

Alas, he soon finds spacebar is boobytrapped. Alas, unlike the rich
designers of gv, his monitor is not that wide, hence the full width does
not exactly fill the box provided, hence for each page of the document, it
takes him *six* spacebars,

1  /4
2 / 5
3/  6

1  /4
2 / 5
3/  6

1  /4
2 / 5
3/  6

not three, before he can advance to the next page, as gv is very
concerned that he is missing something in the right margin so jumps back
up to the upper right.

(I will take a break in this story to inform you the standard document
he is reading is three screens per page tall. Each page takes three
spacebars to read fully.)

He experiments with a combination of PageDown, arrows, etc. until his
head spins. E.g., PageDown goes to the same spot on the next page...
let's not discuss it.

Now in a reasonable browser, e.g., chromium or firefox, spacebar
wouldn't jump back up.

He looks but does not find any setting to make spacebar assume the page
is full width, with no need to hop back up to the upper right.

As for going backwards through the document... well first lets figure
out how to go forward...

Our goal is to allow the user to not do any more than tap on one single
same key to go through a whole document. (No he doesn't have giant
slides that he needs to view all corners of. He just has good old
fashioned PDF text documents.)

Let's explore the down arrow. Well it looks promising, until we reach
the bottom of each page. Then we hit a wall.

In fact let's see if any of the

4.6.5 Navigating

keys will cooperate in our task to read a document fully by just
repeatedly tapping it.

We disregard any of the shift or control keys as what if guests were at
our house and saw us needing to use them to browse a document. How embarrassing.

     Scroll in the direction of the arrow

Hits bottom of page and then for some bad [BUG: DESIGN FLAW] reason becomes 

     Identical to arrow down

     Scroll columns down or jump  1 pages

Alas, see above.

<F>, <Next>
     Jump   1 pages

Sounds like my PageDown key.

     Jump   1 pages

     Scroll columns down

HOLY CRAP BATMAN this is what I want! I found it.

By the way, you describe it almost the same as <Space> above. So you
need to note its differences here on the info page. (Please don't now go
and break it in the machine code.)

<C-Enter>, <S-Enter>
     Scroll columns up
Continually hitting these jumps around illogically.

Anyway, there should be an option,
which would make all keys act as if they didn't know they were at the
bottom or top of a page, and not stop working just because of it!
Also this would fix the case where often documents are 2 1/2 screens per
page high. Thus the user could now need only five spacebars to read two
pages, not the current six!

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