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Re: gzip: zgrep takes -R option, but not -r or --recursive

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: gzip: zgrep takes -R option, but not -r or --recursive
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 18:00:37 -0600

    But in none of those cases will grep's directory recursion be known
    by gzip

Oh yeah, of course.  Silly me.

    Trying to make zgrep support the entire set of grep's current (and
    future) directory recursion capability is involved.  

I can't disagree, although I personally have never cared about all the
filtering and other grep options, just desired a straight -r.

    This is one of those good examples of why file-finding should never
    have been added to grep.  

I can't disagree, as a matter of principle.

    It makes everything more complicated.

Yes ... but hugely, hugely, convenient.  Despite the "wrong"ness of it,
I use grep -r a lot, and greatly appreciate it.  And I would greatly
appreciate zgrep -r too.  But I agree that it would be irrational to
implement it as such.  I guess I'll make some little shell script for
myself.  Or get used to running M-x grep-find.  Or something.


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