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"gzip -l" reports wrong original size for big files

From: Andreas Arning
Subject: "gzip -l" reports wrong original size for big files
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 17:42:30 +0100

I want to report a flaw in the gzip program when using option -l

Gzip for Windows as available from http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/gzip.htm
Version 1.3.12, 32 bit.

"gzip -l" reports wrong original size and possibly negative compression ratio when original size is bigger than 4GByte.

1. Create a file that is bigger than 4 GB, for example the file "gziptest" with size 4,394,364,468 bytes.

 2. Compress this file using gzip, in this example by "gzip gziptest"
 3. against the compressed version, run "gzip -l", in this example "gzip -l gziptest.gz"
==> gzip reports a wrong original size and possibly a negative compression rate, similar to this:
C:\temp>gzip -l gziptest.gz
         compressed        uncompressed  ratio uncompressed_name
          384204661            99397172 -286.5% gziptest
In other words, an unsigned long 32 bit integer is used for the computation which has an unhandled overflow.
Thus, the hex value 100000000x == 4,294,967,296 is accidentally subtracted from the correct original length.

If someone provides a fix for this, please let me know.

Best regards,

Dr. Andreas Arning
Master Inventor
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IBM Deutschland Entwicklung GmbH
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Geschäftsführung: Herbert Kircher
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Registergericht: Amtsgericht Stuttgart, HRB 243294


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