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Re: problem with gunzip <No space left on device>

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: problem with gunzip <No space left on device>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 18:53:12 -0600
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Biradar, Prabhulingamma (Prabha) wrote:
> Paul Eggert wrote:
> > > write(4, " 4 4 _ 2   S e n d e r  ".., 24576)   Err#28 ENOSPC
> > 
> > This indicates that gzip ran out of disk space, and a write() system
> > call failed.  gzip does not check for disk space in advance; it merely
> > checks as it writes.  So I don't see any incorrect behavior here.
> We are not able to understand even though we have 139Mb free space on
> the partition where the tarname.tar.gz is kept why the gunzip is
> reporting out of space error because it requires just 81Mb to write the
> tarname.tar file into the partition right?

I might try a brute force approach.  Consider this following command.

  gunzip < omcran_r31_v0_91_helpfiles.tar.gz > omcran_r31_v0_91_helpfiles.tar

If you have 139M free and the output is only going to be 81M then it
should fit, right?  But I believe the system call error message which
said ENOSPC and therefore I expect this to fail.  At that point the
filesystem will be full and it won't be possible to write more data to
it.  At that point try copying other files to that filesystem.  I
expect it to fail.

At that point I would look to see the sizes of files and how much disk
space is remaining.  I expect that at this point the problem might be
more clear.  I don't think it is gunzip.  I expect it to be something
like disk quotas or minfree that is preventing further writes which
will be obviously only once the reason is known.


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