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need info..bug info/tools. THANKS!!

From: Peter Wong
Subject: need info..bug info/tools. THANKS!!
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2010 12:11:28 -0800


I'm developer new to gzip.

Would someone kindly point me to where I may find such info?
1)  gzip release notes, archive/respository that keeps tracks of bug fixes 
info. I'm trying to location bug report/info available for fixes for specific 
2 ) test cases/sample files or test suite to test gzip.

We're currently looking to merge gzip fixes to our in-house proprietary 
software which the compress/decompress is based on an older release of gzip 
source code; As part of our validation/recording keeping, we need to maintain 
the bug info associate to the fixes and looking to use similar method/tool that 
gzip development community use to validate our new revision with the gzip fixes.


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