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supporting -k/--keep?

From: Dschz
Subject: supporting -k/--keep?
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 13:38:25 +0100


this is about supporting -k/--keep, like bzip2 and xz do. (Strictly, not a bug, 
just a missing feature.)

I know this was suggested several years ago by at least a few people and I 
vaguely remember having seen that someone other than me provided a patch for 
it. But gzip still does not support the -k option. So, is there a reason for 

In case there's not: Looking into the sources of version 1.4, a patch was 
quickly done - attached here. It's a very simple thing and shouldn't be able to 
break anything, except that I found a commented out option -k/--pkzip which I 
left commented out but changed to -p/--pkzip since -p was not used otherwise. 

Why it's (still) wanted: Once in a while I "test" some compressors for speed 
and compression ratio: 7z, bzip2, xz, gzip. I'd like to try gzip first because 
it's likely to be the fastest and would give me an overview about what I can 
expect, but since it does not support -k and I obviously need the input file in 
it's original state, gzip always gets the last place in the line. I guess I'm 
not alone with this.

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