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Re: O_NONBLOCK problems with an offline file

From: Ron Kerry
Subject: Re: O_NONBLOCK problems with an offline file
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2013 09:32:46 -0400
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On 3/21/13 9:27 AM, Ron Kerry wrote:
On 3/21/13 9:18 AM, Vitezslav Cizek wrote:
Sorry for the late reply.

* Dne Pondělí 25. únor 2013, 20:31:58 [CET] Paul Eggert napsal:

Won't you folks have similar problems with other GNU utilities?
GNU 'touch', for example.  Can you propose patches for all
these?  Just look for O_NONBLOCK in the source code.

These two bugs (tar and gzip) were reported by our customer.
I'm not aware of any bug reports for the other utilities.

I don't have access to this kind of storage devices so I can't test it.
Perhaps Ron could ;-)

We did a quick source search of some other obvious utilities and did not find 
any other incidences
using the O_NONBLOCK flag. I cannot guarantee that search was exhaustive and it 
was based on current
SLES11 SP2 sources so there is always the potential that more of these problem 
will be found in the
future. If so, we will just have to file additional bugs :-)

I can take a look at touch specifically. I do not recall if that was one of the ones we looked at already or not. However, I do not believe this will be a problem for us since all touch really does is update inode resident access and modification times of files. With our HSM solution, the inode stays on the filesystem, it is just the data blocks that are migrated offline. So I do not believe use of O_NONBLOCK will be an issue here.


Ron Kerry         address@hidden
Global Product Support - SGI Federal

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