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Add "--keep" option to keep (don't delete) input files (v6)

From: Rodrigo Campos
Subject: Add "--keep" option to keep (don't delete) input files (v6)
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2013 22:53:30 -0300

Here it goes a new version of the patch. The C code was not changed at all (just
documentation and that stuff).

Changes in v6 are all I can see that might be missing in the previous version of
the patch. But it's quite difficult to guess, so there might be more things :)

Paul, can you please review and tell me what is missing (if any) ?

My experience trying to collaborate to gzip is kind of frustrating. The patch
has been floting for more than a month (first version was on Feb 9, the v5
version was on Feb 16) with no single review of a maintainer. It took me almost
a month to get a "I think it'll need some work before applying, unfortunately".
And nobody ever told which work was needed.

And don't get me wrong, I don't want to be rude. Just wanted to tell how things
look from this side. I just want to collaborate, but nobody can tell me what is
needed to get this patch merged. And that is kind of frustrating.

Anyways, the changes to the patch:

Changes in v6:
        * Add documentation to doc/gzip.texi too
        * Fix commit description format
        * Add entry on NEWS
Changes in v5:
        * When running with "--keep" was not updating timestamp, mode, etc. from
          input file to output file
Changes in v4:
        * Don't make "--stdout" imply "--keep"
Changes in v3:
        * Add doc of "--keep" option to gunzip.in
Changes in v2:
        * Improve documentation
        * Use "-k", instead of "-K", as a short option

Also, the code change (look at it with "git show -w") is really small, simple
and seems to be correct. If there are more things needed (documentation, etc.
but not changes to the C code) I can fix them later (if it takes time to explain
what is needed or something like that, and you don't have time right now).

Thanks a lot,

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