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bug#16951: zless error under ulimit -v

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#16951: zless error under ulimit -v
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2014 17:39:55 -0800
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Mark Nudelman wrote:
Since less-451, if LESSOPEN starts with two pipe chars, less does
examine the exit status of the preprocessor.

Thanks, I didn't know that, and I have installed the attached patch to the gzip master on savannah to take advantage of it. Unfortunately the patch doesn't suffice, because 'less' examines the preprocessor's exit status only when the preprocessor generates no output. In the case we're talking about, the preprocessor generates some output, but then runs out of memory and exits with nonzero status.

You can reproduce the 'less' problem by creating a large text file 't', compressing it with 'gzip t', running the following shell command in one window:

LESSOPEN='||-gzip -cdfq -- %s' less t.gz

When you see the first screenful, go to another window and kill the gzip process that's waiting for 'less' to read more input. 'less' won't notice or report the gzip failure.

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