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bug#23107: new snapshot available: gzip-1.6.56-9190

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#23107: new snapshot available: gzip-1.6.56-9190
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2016 00:27:12 -0700
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Thanks again for checking all that.

Assaf Gordon wrote:

On NetBSD 7.0, 6.1.4, One test fails (zgrep-f) perhaps due to filename issues?

No, NetBSD's mktemp command is incompatible with GNU's, in terms of the interpretation of -t. The simplest fix is to stop using mktemp's -t option (which has been "deprecated" in the GNU version for many years anyway).

I'm adding Alpine Linux to my test suite ( https://alpinelinux.org/ ).
On this system, zdiff check fails because busybox's diff does not support the 
"-c" option

Wow, *that* is stripped down. Well, it shouldn't be that hard to port to. Does the attached patch fix the problem (as well as the NetBSD problem)?

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