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bug#25699: GZIPs deprecated environment variable

From: Bachsau
Subject: bug#25699: GZIPs deprecated environment variable
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2017 23:52:02 +0100
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As a sysadmin I want to decide about the default compression ratio myself. This is why I set up a system wide environment variable with GZIP=-9. Now it keeps tellig me that this is deprecated and will be removed. But there is no replacement for it. I think gzip is in desperate need of a global configuration file.

Sure, I can use an alias or script as suggested by gzip itself, but that will not be picked up by update scripts and such stuff, which build, for example, initial ramdisks, and come with the distribution. With deprecating the environment variable an important way of influencing gzip's behavior is taken from us.

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