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bug#33856: PATCH: switch to non-recursive makefile

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: bug#33856: PATCH: switch to non-recursive makefile
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2018 01:03:29 -0700
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Attached first attempt at converting gzip to non-recursive makefile.

There's atleast one existing problem which I couldn't figure out:
"dist-check.mk" contains "build_programs =" statement
that is supposed to automatically generate list of programs.
Doesn't seem to work, resulting in:

$ make check
/bin/bash: line 2: bin_PROGRAMS: command not found
/bin/bash: line 2: @echo: command not found

and in failure of "tests/help-version":
$ make check TESTS=tests/help-version
+ test '$(echo spy:'
+ test 1.9.19-cfef
+ for i in $built_programs
++ env '$(echo' --version
++ sed -n '1s/.* //p;q'
env: '$(echo': No such file or directory
+ v=
+ break
+ test x = x1.9.19-cfef
+ fail_ '--version-$VERSION mismatch'

The "$(echo spy:" is result of incorrect "build_programs" execution
 (I think).

To be continued,
 - assaf

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