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bug#34918: [PATCH] Add support for IBM Z hardware-accelerated deflate

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#34918: [PATCH] Add support for IBM Z hardware-accelerated deflate
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2019 10:33:19 -0700
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Thanks, I installed that into the gzip master branch on
savannah.gnu.org. Some comments and questions:

* Would it be better to have --enable-dfltc be the default on develoment
platforms that have the support?

* Why was the change to tests/znew-k needed?

* What is the significance of the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment
variable? Should that getenv be removed?

* Should the other new environment variables be documented?

* For new code it's better to use GNU style and assume now-ubiquitous
C99 constructs so I installed the attached further patch to do that. I
haven't tested it since I don't have access to the relevant hardware;
please give it a try when you have the chance.

* Anonymous structures and unions are a C11 feature. Currently we are
assuming only C99, so the attached patch redoes 'struct context' to omit
the anonymous union.

* It's more portable to use C11-style 'alignas (8)' instead of
GCC-specific '__attribute__ ((aligned (8)))'. The Gnulib stdalign module
supports this under C99. I gave that a whirl in the attached patch.

* Should have a NEWS entry; I added one in the attached patch.

* I didn't understand why that '(void)blocksize;' needed to be there, so
I removed it; if it's needed please explain.

Thanks again.

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