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bug#56749: modernize bootstrap.conf

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#56749: modernize bootstrap.conf
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2022 11:14:11 -0800
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On 12/25/22 20:36, Paul Eggert wrote:
I installed the attached patch to gzip and updated the bootstrap script to current Gnulib.

Unfortunately that didn't work because the new bootstrap script comes in two flavors: a standalone gnulib/build-aux/bootstrap that automatically replaces itself, and a librarified gnulib/top/bootstrap that needs three auxiliary files in the repository. I put the latter script into the gzip repository but did not put the auxiliary files there. I did not notice the error in my testing, since the three auxiliary files were there in my working copy.

Although eventually I found this problem, and fixed it by committing the three auxiliary files into the gzip repository, it strikes me that the process would be simpler and less error-prone if 'bootstrap' stayed a single script in gzip. gnulib/build-aux/bootstrap attempted to do that, but operated by replacing itself, which led to confusion when one did a 'git diff' later on.

To make this easier I changed gnulib/build-aux/bootstrap so that it doesn't need to replace itself. Instead, it has options --pull and --gen, so that './bootstrap --pull' is equivalent to librarified ./autopull.sh and './bootstrap --gen' is equivalent to librarified ./autogen.sh. These new options work regardless of whether one uses the standalone or the librarified bootstrap, and the standalone bootstrap need not replace itself when it runs.

I propagated this into gzip by installing the attached patch, the only creative part of which is its README-hacking change. The rest simply syncs from Gnulib, using the standalone bootstrap instead of the librarified one.

Assuming this sort of thing works out, I'd like to do something similar with grep, diffutils, etc. Emacs will be a different matter as it does not use 'bootstrap' anyway.

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