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[bug-hello] modularity

From: Miguel Angel Garcia
Subject: [bug-hello] modularity
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 01:12:11 +0100

Hello! how are you?

I'm a Spanish student and I have been seeing your code of the "debian
hello world" application. It is a good idea and I liked it.

But I think that a main of about a hundred lines is not a good example
for beginners. Maybe you have a good explanation to it, but I can't find
it. I think each option must be in a function and the "mail" option must
be separated in more functions. Divide and Conquer.

I am not a very good programmer, so I think you have had a good
explication to do it as it is. Please, tell me. If you don't have it, I
can make the modifications I said.

Thank you very much.

   Miguel Ángel García Martínez, from Toledo (Spain)

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