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Re: [PATCH] fix new format when printing multiple lines

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [PATCH] fix new format when printing multiple lines
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2013 22:36:25 GMT

    more complete examples can be included to the project. 

Like I said, I'm all in favor of programming examples.  Indeed, we could
use many more of them.  Just not, IMHO, as part of GNU Hello.  Again,
like I said, GNU Hello was never intended to be a tutorial for general
programming.  I think such examples would fit much better in gnulib, as
many as people want to write.

    I don't completely understand why the
    --next-generation was originally added

Well, me either.  I inherited it when I became the maintainer, and since
I was deleting a ton of other stuff that definitely needed to go, it
just seemed like one thing too many at the time, and then I never really
thought about it again.

I concur with the argument that it doesn't make sense to support only
8-bit encodings in hello; either --next-gen should go or Unicode should
be supported.  I hadn't thought about it in such stark terms before, but
since that seems clear now, well, I certainly think --next-gen should go.  

    the man/hello.x example. 

1) I certainly don't think that showing an example of adding stuff to
help2man is reason enough to provide substantially more complicated *code*!
Two completely different things.

2) It's not clear to me that such an example is a good thing anyway.  In
general, it's desirable for the help2man output to suffice on its own.
If the man page needs to be improved, probably that means the help
message (or help2man invocation) should be improved.  What I see in
hello.x all seems like it should be part of the normal help2man output.

(Why is it preferable to specify "friendly greeting program" in an
include file instead of the command line?  Sorry, I guess I missed the
discussion of that.)

3) But if we wanted to show an example of help2man add-on, that can be
done no matter what.  The example could simply be "This sentence exists
to show to add things to the man page.".  Or whatever.

    another source file, and that way linking can be demonstrated. 

Adding another file to the hello_SOURCES variable doesn't seem like an
important thing to demonstrate to me.  Anyone who can't figure that much
out isn't going to find much of value in hello now.

BTW, the copyright line in Makefile.am doesn't have 2013.  I didn't
check other files.


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