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translation project notifies

From: Sami Kerola
Subject: translation project notifies
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2015 10:12:15 +0000


After doing yearly maintenance I found out the Translation Project
(TP) had not updated to previous hello.pot, so I sent a message to
translation coordinators that contained two items.

1. Could you update pot file? And I got reply the pot file submission
was supposed to be automatic. Apparently TP bot is polling gnu ftp
site for changes, but it had failed for some reason.

I wonder if do-release-commit-and-tag and/or readme-release modules
from gnulib could be improve to avoid the same in future.

2. Could you update the notifies to be sent to bug-hello maillist? To
which I got positive answer, that I now regret a bit after seeing
twenty some emails.

Maybe the TP notifies does not belong to maillist, but to personal
addresses of project maintainers savannah is aware. That would
automate mail destination updates when maintainers change.

Does some know where such savannah - TP integration change proposal
should be sent? And I think the TP automation should be mentioned in
'Information for Maintainers of GNU Software' or 'Tips for new GNU

BTW the new GNU maintainers also mention new maintainers will need
various accounts such as

* fencepost
* gpg key to project ftp upload keyring
* CVS login to push manual changes

Sami Kerola

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