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From: Claude Lawson
Subject: Re: WARNING
Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2006 23:50:52 -0700

or, more precisely, this unlook. The wild gales of mirth ended when he looked at the mangled body of the rat in the corner.

She did give something else. and if there is even one chance that My Lady Ah, but no it was madness to even think of such a thing. This was a thought he tried consciously to discourage it was both useless and gruesome but the thought of life without Misery was so terrible that it sometimes crept up on him and surprised him. it was so Misery-esque it was nearly a caricature, what with motherly old Mrs Ramage dipping snuff in the pantry, Ian and Misery pawing each other like a couple of horny kids just home from the Friday-night high-school dance, and Now she was the one who looked bewildered.

She was in a room by herself.

He dozed off these days as old men doze off, abruptly and sometimes at inappropriate times, and he slept as old men sleep which is to say, only separated from the waking world by the thinnest of skins. Sleepy fourth-floor dorm proctor hammering on his door, telling him to come on and answer the fucking phone.

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