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! Freeman news letter

From: Kenny Murphy
Subject: ! Freeman news letter
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 19:09:35 -0700

Alert For Thursday JULY 27th
Rodedawg International Industries, Inc

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Explosive pick for our members.
Symbol: RWGI
Price: $.32
3 to 5 Days Projection: .75
7 to 9 Days: $1.00

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Huge PR Campaign For Coming. Take a Moment and Review the Company. If You Like What You See, You Know What to Do.

We give it to you again as a gift. This company is doing incredible things. They have cash and have made great strategic aquisitions. Current price is .32 Short term projection is $1.00
This company has dropped big new's in the past. Who's to say they don't have another big one.

Put this on your radar for thursdays

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