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From: Martha Salinas
Subject: chives
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 17:37:53 -0500

Georges, he called tothe proprietor, some ink! I would like to breathe the fresh air,to feel it on my face, my neck. What should I do whenthose great ones order me . He reeled back against the wall, gasping for breath. That they were staring at him and overlookinghim? Ricardo and I, he said, making his announcement asdramatic as possible. But there was a Judas at thelevel of the eyes to ventilate the cellar within. Suddenly he sprang to his feet, and all his agitation was revealed inthat spasmodic movement. By the sideof that tower the car stopped. Hanaud leaned out of the window and the sergeantcame straight to him. He had his cue, and like agood actor, he took it up at once. There is no need for that wire rope any longer. They are the property of the State, he cried. Alas, my good Hanaud, you disappoint me, he grumbled ruefully. The adventures of the night werenearing their climax. Hanaud tore open theenvelope and read, whilst Mr. He crossed by the night boat and caught the SudExpress from Paris. The stillness of deathlay brooding throughout the house. The widow Chicholle blinked at him, seeking for the meaning of his words. Bryce Carters voice,passionate and low, followed swift upon it. I have done her no harm, msieu, she whined, and, You can see. Take them off my hands, she implored, and she shook her arms so thatthe links of the chain rattled. Ricardowas at pains not to interrupt his reflections. It will be interesting to see how she takes it. Only the better class of cars are madeto open. We go to bring back your clothes to you, mademoiselle, he said. Then you lose yourself in themanageresss nightgown and get into bed. I know, my little friend, he replied gently. Bryce Carters voice,passionate and low, followed swift upon it. Ricardo and I, he said, making his announcement asdramatic as possible. Tidon, the magistrate, was a little taken aback. Ricardo had to be content with an explanation which to him at allevents was no explanation at all. Ricardo studied the changing expressions ofhis face. He bent his head, then turned it and shookit at his companions. No, my friend, but it is an English quotation, when it is right. No one contradicted him, but no one agreed. But only two of them crossed thethreshold of the library. Certainly the remark had an effect, but not the effect which he expected. I was wrong about that young man, Hanaud declared gloomily.

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