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reptilian hot air

From: Jock Griffith
Subject: reptilian hot air
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 23:05:00 +0400

Before the entrance to the palace itself stood twomilitary sentries in field gray. Being Sunday, the usualweek-day crowd was lacking in the dining room. It is likewise the dividing-line between peace and war. That is true of all meals in hotels or restaurants. The Elephant Houseis the name of Weimars splendid new hotel. With our heavy schedule, we rose early and descended to an amazingbreakfast for wartime Germany. They seemedstolidly casual with expressionless faces. Houses and factoriesare alike built chiefly of dull yellow brick, further dulled bysoft-coal smoke. Here it was interesting to note thequantity of captured Polish rolling-stock. These conferences are usually held in a large oblong room, elaboratelypaneled. Now he was in theAmerican Section of the Foreign Office, so I counted on him to startme right. No ray of white light anywhere, and exceptalong the railway no hooded blues. Nowhere did I seeragged, unkempt persons. Before proceeding on our way we were lined upbefore one of the buses and had our picture taken. The broad avenue of Unter denLinden was a maw of blackness. The Germansconsidered that the height of tactful courtesy. My American seat-mate slapped me onthe knee. Heusually knows more and sees clearer than a diplomat of the samecaliber. Toweringmountain-peaks on either hand shot far up into the night. Before proceeding on our way we were lined upbefore one of the buses and had our picture taken. He is doing a fine diplomatic job in a mostdifficult post. She disappeared, returning a moment later wearing araincoat. The others gave the stiff-armed Nazi greeting.

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