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[Bug-hurd] Ethernet card detection bug in wd_probe (was Re: Problem solv

From: Prabhu Ramachandran
Subject: [Bug-hurd] Ethernet card detection bug in wd_probe (was Re: Problem solved!)
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 10:51:02 +0530 (IST)


        Just added the printk's to gnumach.  Read on.

>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> writes:

    Marcus> Some other ethernet driver is hanging. In

    Marcus> linux/dev/drivers/net/Space.c

    Marcus> you can add printk's to the autoprobe like this:

    Marcus> #if defined(CONFIG_NE2000) && ne_probe(dev) #endif #ifdef
    Marcus> CONFIG_AT1500 && (printk("X") || 1) && at1500_probe(dev)
    Marcus> #endif #ifdef CONFIG_FMV18X /* Fujitsu FMV-181/182 */ &&
    Marcus> (printk("X") || 1) && fmv18x_probe(dev) #endif

    Marcus> etc.

    Marcus> You only need to put them after NE2000, because this card
    Marcus> is recognized.

        Actually, I think you have a typo there.  This needs to be
done _before_ the NE2000 device.  For if NE2000 was detected off the
standard gnumach I would never have hit the problem.  So I added the
lines for all the ethernet devices because I distrusted my intuition
and tried your method first and then added the lines before

        Anyways, I configured the kernel with --enable-ide and
--enable-floppy and using the debian/rules file I got all the other
enables and added them all in one massive configure.  I am not putting 
it here.  After make install I rebooted and after detecting the floppy 
drive I got 17 X's.  This means that it crashed at CONFIG_WD80x3
i.e. wd_probe(dev).

        Please let me know if you now need me to do anything more. I
propose to blow away my install and reinstall using the debs next.  I
used the tarball earlier.  I'd like to do this stuff before I

Hope this was useful.


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