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Oskit-mach followup

From: Igor Khavkine
Subject: Oskit-mach followup
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 21:54:51 -0400
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Hi, after a prolonged absence I'm finally back online. But I've falling
behind on the mailing list a bit.

My current priority is to try and get oskit-mach to boot on my machine. As
I've mentioned before, on my machine when oskit-mach boots it basically
crashes and/or instantly reeboots, first when it gets to enabling the PGE
feature in my K6. If that part is commented out, it goes past that point
but after it detects the HDs and possibly something else, and reboots
in the blink of an eye, infact so fast that I can't even read any messages
that might have appeared on the screen.

Has there been any followup on these problems? If anyone has any suggestions
as to what parts of the code might cause this annoying reboot and how to
disable it, please don't hold them back. :-) If that's not possible, I
could put a break point just before the reboot, but I'm still at a loss
as to where exactly it occurs.

Oh, and another thing. I've done a lot of looking through mach's code
and some if it looks like a holy mess. I'd just like a show of hands,
who thinks that some parts of gnu/oskit-mach should be reviewed and
cleaned up?

Another question I have is, who actually likes mig and it's interface
definitions? Or more people think that it should be changed/replaced?
I remember there was some talk about switching to CORBA semantics for
RPCs, is that idea still alive?


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